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France Stive Jones 2006-01-10
Your sites design is really tremendous. Nice work.
France Fred 2006-01-09
Not often you can find such a nice site!
France Flinstone 2006-01-07
Great Site! Well Done!
0 Bob 2006-01-07
Very nice resource, very well done!
Germany [B§]_Furianer 2006-01-06
Hey Osiris,
I didnt know, that you guys from transgenik are techno lovers. Well, i am too, more minimal, not to hard and fast, my favourite DJ is Laurent Garnier, you will for sure know as a french. He did great sets in Germany and no one else can give party feeling like him :)
Well, we see us on TSGK killbox or in the shithole :)
Have a nice day & greetings to the rest of TSGK,

Germany |style|® 2006-01-06
hey, nice website. think iam going to visit you repeatedly. well, greets to the members of tsgk.

cu, |style|®
France Freddy 2006-01-05
Very evesome!
France Lyly 2006-01-05
Wonderfull design. Will Come to see the Updates!
0 Doom 2006-01-05
Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!
France Vera Jorkonovic 2006-01-04
I can see a real work and patience of webmaser. Nice site!
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