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Belgium john 2004-01-21
nice site
United Kingdom Craig 2004-01-19
Also found you via your spider. Can't work out what it is dong though? Hope you find my site useful.
Belgium Dimitri 2004-01-15
excellent ce site !
United States Webmaster 2004-01-15
What is the purpose of your spider?:


You might want to make a page explaining your crawlers purpose, before you find it in every public ban list.
New Zealand Sarah 2004-01-15
TranSGeniKBot visited one of my sites... was it looking for music? or something else. Please reply.
Italy pedro 2004-01-13
France Bruno Fergani 2004-01-13
Salut les z'amis !

Votre bot (TranSGeniKBot ( est passé aspirer mon site cette nuit. Vous êtes en train de monter un nouveau Google ou quoi? LOL Sinon, cool votre site et les tracks !

0 Tim Bray 2004-01-12
Your bot is reading my whole site, coming from somewhere at, I wonder why?
France Sténye 2003-12-22
Z'avez un site de ouf !! me suis éclatée a lire la rubrik c'est quoi ...surtout ke j'ai pas trouvé la mienne ... "intello" expdrrrr ..sinon bonne zik .. :o) bonne continuation ....
Switzerland starfrosch 2003-12-15
More than music
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